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To all ‘Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic fans:

     Unfortunately Lincoln City officials have decided not to issue any permit for a big wave surfing event this season because of the ongoing violations (2 years in a row) of the other surfing event staged out of Canyon Park.
     This is also a notice to existing and potential sponsors of the other event that any solicitation for sponsorship will be for a non permitted and illegal event. Additionally, Oregon State Parks has denied a permit to the other event due to illegally using State Parks access at D River last season and illegally staging event on beach.
     The Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic has held permitted events at Nelscott Reef since 2005, and this is not the first time that ‘out of town’ culprits have spoiled the event for fans, and bilked sponsors both local and national out of money for either a non existent or laughable event. Hopefully Lincoln City will get everything sorted out and the ‘Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic’ will be back next season.
      Check this site occasionally for more Oregon surfing video content to be added this season!

This is “B-roll” footage by Robin Cressy from Nelscott Reef in 2009.

The very first attempts to surf Nelscott Reef.

The Inaugural Nelscott Reef Tow Classic 2005 from Lincoln City, Oregon. First ever West Coast tow surf contest.

This is the 15th annual Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic in Memory of Jeff Scariano

About Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic is a one-day event between October 1st and March 31st. The event is called on 3-days notice in order to guarantee optimal conditions. Surfers come from all around the world to paddle in and SUP the reef.

The event is on it’s 14th year. Our contest was the first to have a big wave women’s exhibition, in which Keala Kennely won in 2010. Also, in 2013 our first physically challenged athlete was part of the event.

“The Find” is a documentary film focused on the first five years of the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic.

Purse: $10,000

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