Peter Mel, Pro Surfer and President of WCTSA

My name is Peter Mel. I am a professional surfer and president of the WCTSA (West Coast Tow Surfing Assoc.}. I am contacting you in regard to the permit issue at Nelscott Reef. As, I understand there are 2 permits that are being sought after for a tow-surfing event at Nelscott Reef. These permits are also slated for the same time period, which is my major concern.

As a person with a wealth of knowledge about tow-surfing and its concerns that surround it. I think that Bohemoth Productions (last years event producer) is the best group to run this event. They’re local knowledge of the surrounding ares and its environment will fit best for the people of Lincoln City. I have worked with them at length in preparing them for an event of this magnitude. Last years event went off without a hitch and this years event will be even better.

As for the other party involved, I have worked with and feel they do not have the experience to pull off such an event as this. They do not live in Lincoln City and could be a detriment to the City’s culture and environment. His blatant disregard for last years competition was a danger to the event and its competitors.

I am asking you to propose only one permit per year at the reef. This permit should be issued to Behemoth Productions only, therefore protecting the integrity of Lincoln City, the event staff, and it’s competitors.


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