Letter to Eric Akiskalian from Adam Wagner

Eric Akiskalian

This letter is to inform you that you have been voted out of the 2006 Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic. The vote has been made by Behemoth, LLC on the following grounds:

1. An altercation between you and John Forse occurred on the weekend of October 28th in which you approached John’s car as he was leaving the Westshore Inn Motel in Lincoln City, OR. Words were exchanged and you provoked John to get out of his car and fight you.

2. There are ongoing concerns over the safety of having you in the competition. Numerous people have voiced their concerns over your safety record as a Wave runner operator. There is also a situation in which you wore a jersey and Went out posing as a competitor during the first heat of last years (2005) competition at Nelscott Reef, even though you were not invited to compete in the contest.

3. Continuous effort has been made by you to create a rift between the local tow in teams from Lincoln City, OR and the Nelscott Reef Contest. All of the teams invited from Lincoln City have voiced concerns over being pressured by you to make a choice between participating in our contest and a contest promised to be put on by you.

We have made our best effort to work out the differences between the two parties but we can no longer support having you as a competitor in this year’s event. A Vote has been taken and a majority decision has been made and is final. As of today, you and Chuck Patterson will be removed from the list of competitors for this year’s event.


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