Jeff Clark, Mavericks Icon

I am writing this letter in support of the contest that was run by Behemoth and John Forse.

I am the Contest Director for the Mavericks Surf Contest. We have a very good thing going for the town and the surfers. There have been companies like Billabong and Reef with lots of money trying to come in and do a contest of there own. Like Nelscott now that the contest is a success many want to jump on the bandwagon.

At Mavericks we have one contest a year. The County Supervisors, Half Moon Bay City and the Harbor District are all in agreement that it is best. Environmental concerns are always on our table even though there is no impact what so ever.

I was disappointed that the founders of the Nelscott Contest had to contend with Eric Akiskalian last year during the event. He caused disruption in the surf area when the finals were about to begin.

He was not invited to surf in the contest because of his dangerous and reckless nature he operates his equipment around others. He is a safety risk to your fine event. Maybe with another year he may get control of his watercraft to be invited.

Mr. Akiskalian running a contest in Lincoln City, in my opinion is a mistake and he will do his best to buy his way in.


Jeff Clark


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