Status: Out of Season
but stay tuned for further developments for next season's events

Jim Kusz, District Captain - North Lincoln Fire & Rescue

Supporting the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic and John Forse in his continued efforts to bring world class competition to Oregon coast is not only a pleasure, but an obligation due to his undaunted commitment to the surfing and extreme sport community. Forse’s passion to Lincoln City to bring this and other venues to his home town is courageous.

Heard of of John Forse two decades ago, when he challenged and was the first to surf Nelscott Reef; by then, he was already known for his work in video and for being bitten by a Great White Shark.

My involvement with him began when North Lincoln Fire & Rescue and the United States Coast Guard began receiving multiple water rescues calls “for surfers in distress”. The calls turned out to be surfers on Nelscott Reef, and not in any immediate danger. John and I worked solutions for notification with local dispatch when surfers ventured out on the reef.

In full disclosure, I became very involved and part of Forse’s contest early on, and witnessed his struggle to get his vision realized with his own personal financial obligation to keep the project(s) going.

His current vision is exciting and current media technology from internet telecasting to drone photography (which is some of the most stunning images I’ve ever seen) will further put Lincoln City on the map as one of the most exciting, scenic and friendly places to visit.

Finally, Forse’s safety record, and ability to consistently, accurately and meteorologically “call” the contest amazes me to this day!